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ASH 2012 | Hematology News Program 1

First Hematology News Program from the ASH 2012

  • Multiple myeloma
  • CML


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ASH 2014 Highlight 3 - Leukemia

Highlight on leukemia: Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Platzbecker tells if ATRA+arsenicumtrioxide should become the new standard care for non-high risk APML by illustrating the Italian-German APL0406 trial. Ian Flinn MD PhD provides an overview on novel therapies for CLL. Prof. Dr. Michele Baccarani discusses whether imatinib remains the standard therapy for CML by elaborating on the DASISION, SPIRIT-2 and EPIC trails. Prof. Dr. Rien van Oers concludes with the PROLONG trial which investigates ofatumumab maintenance therapy in R/R CLL.

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ASH 2014 Highlight 1 - Multiple Myeloma

Highlight 1: multiple myeloma: Mark Sloan MD discusses induction regimens for transplant-eligible patients by comparing VTD with TD and VCD. Subsequently, Prof. dr. Torben Plesner elaborates on new data of the anti-CD-38 antibodies daratumumab and SAR650984. Prof. dr. Sonja Zweegman then illustrates the combined HOVON and NMSG phase III trial comparing MPT-T with MPR-R for transplant-ineligible patients. Lastly, Paul Richardson MD comments on the outcomes of the ASPIRE and STRATUS trials as new strategies for R/R disease.

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ASH 2014 Interview Dr. Saad Usmani

New developments in cytogenetic testing of Multiple Myeloma patients While multiple myeloma is an incurable disease, the prognosis of patients can vary greatly because of the genetic heterogeneity of the disease. The genetic profile of the malignant cells influences, amongst other things, the response to treatment. In this video, Dr. Saad Usmani will explain to us how the cytogenetic profile is currently determined and what the future will bring us. He will also discuss a new development in this field, the MMProfiler.

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ASH 2012 | Hematology News Program 3

Third Hematology TV News Program from the ASH 2012 TPA-agonist romiplostim: can we reconsider its use in MDS? Have we arrived into the era of targeted therapy in CLL with ibrutinib? JAK-inhibition may be relevant for MPN beyond myelofibrosis

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ASH 2011 | Hematology Journal 1

Host Geoff Watts talks to Dr Guiseppe Saglio about the 36-month follow-up data of the ENEST trial and the results of the trial extension in which patients who responded suboptimally or failed treatment with imatinib of nilotinib 300 mg BID were treated with nilotinib 400 mg BID. They also discuss the analysis of molecular response kinetics in the DASISION trial.

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Clinical updates from the EHA 2017 part 2

The 22nd European Hematology Association (EHA) took place in Madrid, Spain, on 22-25 June 2017. An international multidisciplinary panel discussed a selection of topics and new data on hematology during a live program. They gave an answer to what this newly acquired knowledge means for clinical practice. Topics Immunotherapy for childhood ALL CML treatment in children and adults Treatment reduction in Hodgkin Lymphoma Fertility preservation The role of the microbiome to improve survival after allogeneic stem cell transplantation Prof. Harry Schouten, MD – hematologist, Maastricht UMC+, Maastricht, The Netherlands Speakers Thamer Sliwa, MD – hematologist, Hanusch Krankenhaus, Vienna, Austria Prof. Michel Zwaan, MD – pediatric hematologist, EMC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Moderator Prof. Harry Schouten, MD – hematologist, Maastricht UMC+, Maastricht, The Netherlands