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EBCC 2014 Local therapy

EBCC 2014 Highlights: local therapy:

  • Professor Emiel Rutgers: highlights from the clinical symposium on management of the axilla.
  • Dr. Anne Bodilson: Margin width and local recurrence in women treated by breast conserving surgery (Todays practice changing presentation).
  • Prof. Florian Fitzal: Tailoring local therapy in postmenopausal endocrine responsive HER2neu negative breast cancer patients based on their genetic risk profile using Endopredict (Tomorrows practice changing presentation).
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EBCC 2014 Genomic segmentation

Genomic segmentation Prof. Nadia Harbeck gives a summary and her conclusions of the Keynote Symposium on How does genomic segmentation address medical needs and explains the ADAPT trial and discusses the first results of the run-in phase

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EBCC 2014 Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy: Dr. Philip Poortmans: Background and results of the EORTC 22922 10925 trial on regional irradiation in stage I-III breast cancer. Professor John Yarnold: Highlights from the symposium Radiotherapy: No Longer the Same for All.

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EBCC 2014 Screening

Screening: Drs Nienke de Glas: New data on screening in older women. Professor Gareth Evans: First results from the Predicting Risk Of breast Cancer At Screening (PROCAS) study

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EBCC 2014 Systemic Treatment

Systemic therapy: established and novel approaches: Professor John Bartlett: the debate on antracycline use and the search for a biomarker for antracycline sensitivity (Todays practice changing presentation). Dr. Thomas Bachelot: highlights of the clinical symposium on the management of mTOR inhibitor everolimus. Prof. David Cameron: comments on the survival data of BOLERO-2 and a novel approach with a HSP-90 inhibitor (Tomorrows practice changing presentation).

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EBCC 2014 Imaging

Highlights imaging: Professor Laura Esserman on the highlights of the clinical symposium on modern technologies in imaging and the impact on patient management.

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EBCC 2014 Neoadjuvant Therapy

Neoadjuvant Therapy: Dr. Nathalie Quenel-Tueux on neoadjuvant endocrine therapy with fulvestrant and anastrozol-Tomorrows practice changing presentation. Prof. Sibylle Loibl on neoadjuvant chemotherapy in lobular carcinoma-Todays practice changing presentation.

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ESMO 2017 in-depth: TONIC trial

This year the ESMO congress took place in Madrid from 8 - 12 September. Marleen Kok, MD, PhD at The Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, explains the design and first results of the TONIC trial. This adaptive phase II trial evaluated the response rate to nivolumab after induction treatment in patients with triple-negative breast cancer.